Knoxville City Council Approves Sewer Loan Agreement | Radio KNIA KRLS

Knoxville City Council Approves Sewer Loan Agreement | KNIA KRLS Radio – The One You Can Count On

Knoxville City Council met in regular session on Monday. The board approved entering into a sewer revenue loan and disbursement agreement for $5,899,000. The loan is for the 2022 water reclamation facility improvement project. The board has approved the sale and issuance of general bonds not to exceed $1,630.00. The council has approved a storefront improvement grant for English Valley Wellness at 109 S. Third Street. The council approved downtown revitalization grants for Candi’s Flowers at 101 S. Third Street and A and P Public House at 105 S. Third Street in Knoxville. The board also approved the Iowa State Benefit Duplication Policies and Procedures, as required for the 203 E. Main Street Community Development Block Grant application.


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Leslie M. Gill