‘Comelec incurs more than 700 million pesos in unliquidated cash advances’

The Audit Commission (COA) reported to the Electoral Commission (Comelec) alleged unliquidated cash advances amounting to P 671.473 million and additional cash advances totaling P 90.5 million. pula, in addition to the non-liquidation of previous cash advances made by the survey body.

In its 2021 audit report on Comelec, the COA noted that the reliability of the advance account balance in November 2021 totaling P505.280 million could not be verified due to cash advances not liquidated.

The cash advances of 671.473 million pesos were divided into 178.695 million pesos granted to managers and employees, and 492.777 million pesos granted to special disbursement agents.

“A cash advance must be declared and liquidated as soon as the purpose for which it was granted has been achieved,” the auditors said.

Part of the cash advances of 90.5 million pula despite non-settlement of previous cash advances was given to the office of commissioners for an amount of 437,691 pula and to the regional election officers for a total of 1.565 million pula. pulla.

The audit team cited its recommendations from previous years, such as sending letters to affected individuals for the immediate liquidation of their unpaid cash advances, as well as taking actions such as salary withholding. in the event of non-liquidation of cash advances.

Comelec management told the audit team that it sent letters of formal notice to all administrative officers in the country on April 11, 2022, ordering them to submit their liquidation reports immediately.

Leslie M. Gill